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Vita Spas Hot Tub Models

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    In the market for a hot tub? Check out what Vita Spa has to offer!

    Why choose Vits Spa Hot Tubs?



    Buying a hot tub is an investment. Everyone has a different reason for why they want to bring one home. It's an investment in your mental health and physical well being regardless. While there are certainly many manufacturers of spas, Vita Spas are built specifically with massage and hydrotherapy in mind.

    That's not to say they don't offer a ton of different designs and features! They still offer everything you would want for recreational relaxing. From mood lighting to Bluetooth and MP3 connectivity.


    Who Are Vita Spa?

    The Vita Spa brand is actually owned by Maax spas and so shares some of the same technology and manufacturing processes. This line of tubs is marketed as a lifestyle option and therefore focuses on massage tubs and exercise/swim tubs. Vita has 9 Swim Spa models and 21 hot tub models.

    The Vita Spa brand is manufactured by Maax Spa Industries, based in Chandler, Arizona. For over 30 years, the name Vita Spa has been synonymous with innovation and ultimate comfort.


    Vita Spa Hot Tub

    Vita Spa Hot Tub

    Spa Types

    Vita Spa offers multiple models of both hot tubs and swim spas.

    By offering the 21 different models of hot tubs and 9 different swim spa models, there is definitely something to fit your needs.

    Most everyone's aware of what a hot tub is, but not everyone may know exactly what makes a swim spa different.

    A swim spa is an elongated tub that allows you to swim in place indefinitely using jet propulsion style jets. It has the benefits of a lap pool but within a fraction of the space.

    The hot tubs they offer come in more traditional square models such as the Luxe, Monarque, Salon, and Vivre. While others have a slight variation to the square shape.

    On first look, they are what you would expect from a normal hot tub. But upon closer inspection, you will notice the difference in seating and jets that each model offers.

    Some hot tubs such as the Voeux are a little more basic in seating and jets. While others have all the bells and whistles.

    The swim spas models they offer are the XL4, XB4, VL4, VB4, VM6, and VM8.

    Swim spas can be used for toning and sculpting by adding additional aquatic exercise equipment. Or used in the standard way to increase your swim training.

    The best part? Vita Spa Swim Spas are a one-two punch. They combine a swim spa with a standard hot tub. So you get the best of both worlds!

    Check out this image of their VL4 model.


    Spa Features

    Style isn't everything. But it's still pretty cool to have options.

    The Vita Spa 500 and 700 collections interiors are a single cast acrylic. This is superior to Ethelyne, or "soft plastic surfaces. The acrylic surface resists stains, fading, scratches and chemical abuse.

    It comes in 8 different styles. Storm Clouds, Midnight Canyon, Smokey Mountian, Glacier Mountain, Tuscan Sun, Silver Marble, Sahara, and Gypsum.

    But don't forget about the exterior. The siding comes in 3 different wood-like composites. Pecan Ridge, Resort Grey, and Modern Mocha.

    So style over substance won't fly when it comes to investing in a hot tub.

    Let's take a look at the physical benefits that a Vits Spa provides.


    Massage & Hydrotherapy

    Vita Spa builds hot tubs that compare to a massage you would get at a massage clinic.

    Classic Massage

    The classic massage uses 5 different styles of massage to achieve a total state of relaxation.

    Looking for something a little deeper? The petrissage technique gives a more intense massage while the jets provide a kneading action.

    There's also the Effleurage, Tapotement, Reflexology, and Circular Friction Massage. These all offer more specific massage techniques that can be used to pinpoint certain parts of your body!



    Lighting can really set the mood when you're in the hot tub and looking to relax. There's even an official name for the relaxed feeling you get from lighting. Chromatherapy.

    Besides the standard tub lighting, there are three other cool lighting features that Vita Spa includes.

    Aurora Cascades shoot light through a stream of water that shoots over the water's surface.

    Illuminated controls allow you to easier use them in dimly lit areas.

    Lighted cup holders aren't the sexiest thing but who wants to spill their favorite beverage while they're relaxing?


    This is one of my favorite parts and one of the coolest things about Vita Spa hot tubs. Wi-Fi and Blue Tooth connectivity.

    Being attached to your hot tub by WiFi allows you to check out and control the spa's temperature and jet settings without stepping foot outside. That way it's ready when you're ready.

    Blue tooth technology lets you pair any blue-tooth capable device right to Vita Spas patented Vita Tunes system. Listen to your own music selections on a corrosion-resistant and waterproof system. Vita Tunes has a clean and crisp sound for true music fidelity.


    Vita Spa Swim Spa

    Vita Spa Swim Spa


    So far we've talked about the health benefits and the features geared towards relaxation. But what's under the hood?

    Not as exciting but maybe even more important is the quality of which a Vita Spa is constructed.

    The 500 and 700 series is built with a steel substructure. This is better than wood as it's more lightweight and corrosion-resistant. It's a one-piece construction that seals the bottom of the spa locking in heat and keeping out moisture.  It also allows your spa to be serviced back to factory specs right at your home as all the mechanical components are easily accessible.

    The outside is made of high impact composite that's made to look like real wood. It won't weather or stain.

    The 500 and 70 series come with Northern Exposure insulation. This insulation is optimized to send heat from the pump system back into the hot tub using a reflective copper material. Overall the Northern Exposure is triple insulation that makes sure that all heat created by the hot tub is maintained within the hot tub.

    Last but surely not least is the water purification system. It may be one of the most underrated but important features of a hot tub.

    The Vita Spa Clean Zone and Clean Zone 2 systems harness the power of Ozone and UV light.

    The combination of the systems uses a system that many communities around the world use to purify drinking water!

    By taking advantage of such a thorough system you end up having to do a lot less maintenance. Now that's relaxing.


    Hopefully, this article helped you to learn a little more about the high-quality construction and features of the Vita Spa 500 and 700 series hot tubs.

    Vita Spa offers a shopping checklist that will help guide you through some of the common things you may need to know once you start shopping for a hot tub.

    You can check out that list over here.

    If you need a little more guidance you can reach out to us at 21st Century Pools and Spas and we will answer your questions.

    21 Century Pools is a Vita Spas dealer.

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